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Staff augmentation is AN outsourcing strategy that is employed to workers a project and reply to business objectives. The technique consists of evaluating the present workers then determinant that further skills area unit needed. One potential advantage of this approach is that it's going to leverage existing resources similarly as utilize outsourced services and contract employees.

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IT workers augmentation services entail allocation of dedicated technical resources, typically offshore, employed as overseas development extensions of in-house application development groups on mounted or versatile terms and conditions. this is often a service wherever the supplier can augment the client's manpower with hot persons. The consumer continues to be accountable to manage the persons and also the work that they're going to be finishing. The package developers area unit employed supported their technological talent set. exploitation IT workers augmentation services give a one-window resolution to firms UN agency would possibly need application development across various technology verticals.

The trend in workers augmentation is going on as a result of the abundance of IT resources, declining rates, and narrowing margins for firms that require these services.

The need for higher internal control of the package development method has given rise to the discipline of package engineering, that aims to use the systematic approach exemplified within the engineering paradigm to the method of package development.

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